The Last Dance Through Six

After the first six episodes, this is a dance you will never want to end.

Johnny P
6 min readMay 5, 2020

MJ after beating the Phoenix Suns in the 1993 NBA Finals.

Over the past three Sundays we have glanced through a window into greatness. The first six episodes of The Last Dance have been nothing short of amazing. Like a great cocktail, it only gets better as it’s imbibed. As I’ve consumed it in this quarantine age I cannot help but feel inspired and astonished by Jordan’s greatness. Witnessing God-given athleticism combined with unrivaled competitiveness and tenacity is like observing an enchanted unicorn in an otherwise ordinary forest. What follows here are some of my key takeaways and thoughts through the first six episodes of The Last Dance. It is a dance you will never want to end.

His Greatness Will Inspire You.

Michael Jordan did not just make himself great, he lifted everyone around him. When Scottie Pippen first arrived on the scene, following a horrendous trade from my beloved Sonics, he was athletically gifted but kind of soft and clueless. Jordan turned him into an assassin.

He also just willed his team to win. Sometimes it didn’t work, like in his 63 point playoff performance against Larry Bird and the Celtics. Other times it worked masterfully — just ask Craig Ehlo or the Detroit Pistons after MJ gained 15 pounds of solid muscle in the offseason just to beat their “Bad Boys” defense.

At the end of an episode you are left asking yourself — how can I make myself better? How can I improve my craft? Jordan’s mentality and work ethic can be applied to any profession.

He Could Have Never Done It Without Pippen.

With him each step of way — through all six NBA titles — was Scottie Pippen. Even the immortal greats like Jordan could not do it alone. A former point guard who grew into a forward’s body, Pippen was a unique talent ahead of his time. I still question whether Coach Phil Jackson made a mistake by not playing Scottie more as a point forward handling the ball. But who am I to question the Zen Master?

In addition to his offensive talents, Pippen was a lockdown defender. He was a ten time member of the All-Defensive team and consistently averaged 2–3 steals per game. Pippen was…

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